Local Services Ads vs Advanced Verification

Local Services Ads

Who? HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, and garage door companies* that want to participate in paid Local Services ads

Where? In about 30 US markets (and growing):  View the list

What checks are involved for a business that wants to be a paid advertiser in LSA?

  • Company license and insurance verification
  • One authorized representative (business owner or manager) must complete the background check on behalf of the business
  • Employees that serve customers at their homes must complete a background check

More about background checks for LSA: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6226575

Advanced Verification

Who? ALL locksmiths and garage door companies must pass advanced verification to advertise on Google via AdWords or AdWords Express

Where? United States

What checks are involved with Advanced Verification?

  • You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations relevant to the services you provide. You also must comply with all relevant licensing or other regulatory requirements, and you are solely responsible for all compensation, licensing, regulatory fees or dues, insurance, or any other related costs and legal duties required of you as a service provider
  • At the company level, the check includes inquiries into business registration validity, evidence of fraudulent or misleading behavior on Google, and where applicable, professional license validity
  • Google will review your AdWords account
  • Video interviews
  • No evidence that your business is engaged in fraudulent behavior or is otherwise engaged in misleading or deceptive practices

Main Differences Between the Requirements for LSA and AV

LSA: Background checks

AV: A review of your AdWords account, video interviews, a check for fraudulent behavior

If you are a locksmith or garage door company in a Local Services ads market and you fail Advanced Verification, you will not be allowed to participate in LSA


* – There are additional categories in some California markets including auto glass repair, general contractors, house cleaners, roadside assistance, handyman contractors, house painters

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