Current Google Local Services Ads Markets & Verticals

As Google Local Services continues to spread into new markets and verticals it becomes more difficult to keep track of it all. I put this together to help. This is only showing markets that have already launched. There are others that are onboarding. I will add new ones once they are up and running.

UPDATE 5/23/2019 – Google Local Services Ads are now available nationwide in the United States for 14 verticals:

Garage Door
House Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Pest Control
Lawn Care
Water Damage Restoration
Appliance Repair
Window Cleaning

Use the filters on the right to narrow down by market or vertical:

2 Replies to “Current Google Local Services Ads Markets & Verticals”

  1. Thanks for the list Tom. In keeping with their rush to bring half-baked products to market, I see that “pet boarding” in the dallas area has no businesses signed up. What’s worse, all the non-paying businesses listed are pet sitters, NOT boarding facilities. Humorous to say the least.

    Not sure who’s making these kind of decisions out there, but I’m quite sure they’d have much more success if they just put a little bit of thought into things. It’s not like they have to beat competitors to the market with this product.

    1. LSA categories have been a cluster so far. Early on we saw plumbers being served for “sprinkler repair,” which most plumbers won’t even touch.

      The good news is, as long as local service ads can’t get their crap together, businesses still need our help to make sense of it all.

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