Local Services Ad Unit Showing Typical Prices for Common Home Services

Within the Local Service ad unit, Google is now showing typical prices in the area for many common home services:

Local Services Typical Pricing Range

They claim the goal is to help consumers be more informed about potential costs so businesses can spend more time talking to customers that are more committed, instead of having to answer questions about pricing. Of course that might not be the case depending on where the quote from the business lands within that price range.

The pricing data is being sourced from Homewyse, which provides pricing estimates for common home services.

I’m currently only seeing this on mobile and it’s not visible on the initial search result. You have to click through to view the full list of providers in the Local Services ad unit.

Another new feature with this rollout involves a product from Homewyse called Lists. It is a tool that Local Services advertisers will be able to utilize to access estimating data and create and customize quotes. Businesses will then be able to to send these customized quotes to customers through email, text or by print.

Here’s a an example of how the pricing information will appear within the Local Services ad unit:

Local Services ad unit with water heater install price range