Google Screened Local Services Ads Profile Update

The detail profile view on desktop for a Google Screened business in Local Services ads was recently overhauled. There are more visual features and a contact form on the right side where a user can select a service type and request either a text or email from the business. This was previously a pop-up form (and still is if your screen isn’t wide enough). There is also an embedded map of the physical location you can click on to get directions near the bottom of the profile now:

Google Screened profile view

In addition to the revamped profile view, the equivalent of the ‘local finder’ for Local Services has a new visual style:

Google Local Services Ads - Real Estate Agents

The initial view in the search result still looks the same as it has for quite a while:

Immigration attorneys on Google Local Services ads

I’m only seeing these recent style changes on Google Screened Local Services ads, not Google Guaranteed Local Services ads.

With “Google Screened” Local Services ads only currently available in a few markets and business categories (real estate agents, financial planners, immigration lawyers, estate lawyers), I’d say this is another sign there will be more expansion of this type of Local Services ad in the future.